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This is a neighborhood for a hardworking, dedicated, helpful and layed back farmer who loves to socialize and chatting!


  • The minimum value of tasks is 310 points (320 points during Special Derbies). All tasks 309 points and less will be trashed by - the leader, co-leaders and elders . All new farmers will be asked a series of questions to be completed before they are promoted to Elder as well before they can participate in derby. All opted in farmers are required to score a minimum of 2480 points at the end of each derby. (8 x Tasks based on our minimum of 310 points for  new farmers. If you don’t achieve our minimum score you’ll be kicked with out any notice or give a second chance depending on the situation.
  • Penalties will be given for every expired or incomplete task (-1 point each)
  • Penalties will be also be given to anyone who is opted in to the derby, but who does not achieve our minimum required score.
  • Any farmers who reaches -20 penalty points will be removed From the active farmers without notice, points will be kept tracked by leaders and will be posted on the app LINE the first of every month.
  • Farmers who are opted out of the derby for a period of more than 4 consecutive weeks will be considered to be inactive and will therefore be removed from the active farmers with notice. To keep your place in the team you must opt in to the derby at least once every 4 weeks or make arrangements with me.
  • This link will take you to a great website that will give you great information on derby’s,buildings,animals goods,progress,trade,social and extras.
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Derby Guidelines

Derby Guidelines:
Whenever possible, only mark dead trees during a derby, when people are doing a help task. During the derby, don't revive any plants in the hood unless you are currently working on a Help task. Others, who are doing a Help task may need them in order to complete their task.

Always ensure that you will be able to complete the task in the time limit given. If you are in any doubt, choose another, more suitable task. Remember: Expired/incomplete tasks = Penalties.

Don't take any task unless you think you can finish the majority of it without the help of your team mates (with the exception of Help tasks). For example, truck tasks - if your barn is low in stock, truck tasks should be avoided. If you do take a truck task, focus on the orders you can fulfil yourself, without help. Fill those orders first, and complete as many as you can on your own, before considering asking your team mates for help. Remember, you don't have to complete every boat. You can send them away and wait for the next one.

In the case of boat tasks, where help can be requested, only ask for help once the boat has arrived and you know the quantity of each item required. Fill as many crates as you can yourself first, before you mark any crates you require help with. Once those crates have been filled, then you can request help through the farm chat for any additional quantities that you require.

During derbies, limit the requests that you make for items that aren't required for the derby task you are working on. This applies to the chat and NH trading (with the exception of expansion items or other tools). If you are opted in to the Derby, your first priority is to finish your tasks. Concentrate on completing those first. Other items, not required for your Derby task, can be produced or harvested by yourself, you can hire Tom, or you can search the newspaper. Our kind neighbours are always willing to help you out when short on an item so we aren’t saying no request at all just be mindful.

So if your wondering what that means when requesting in chat keep to a minimum and if it’s something not important then try to make it or look for the items you need. We don’t want neighbours to be taken an advantage of. But birdhouse requests, you can request anytime you want to no limit on that on in chat requests are asked to be kept to a minimum.

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Notice regarding the derby

Notice regarding the derby
The Derby is a team game. All players must score as many points as they can in order for our team to be competitive in the Derby. We must all work together if we want to achieve this. Anyone who cannot, for any reason, commit to scoring at least our minimum you should OPT OUT for that Derby. Also, may I remind ALL players that we also have a minimum requirement for each task of 300-310 points (300-310-320 point minimum for special derbies only). This applies to all tasks, whether its your first task or your ninth task, even if you have surpassed our minimum. For example, in a regular derby, if you complete 9 tasks then your minimum score must be 2790 (9 x 310). If you score less than this, you will receive a penalty for an incomplete task. Our rules are quite clear. In order to achieve fairness for all, there can be no exceptions to our rules. They apply to everyone. Anyone who needs a reminder of our rules can find them above.

-Thank you for your attention and I hope the issue has been resolved and it won’t have to be addressed again. 😊

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